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The WOLCF has five major programs.  They include the Emergency Financial Assistance Program, International Ambassadors Program, Scholarship Programs and the US Foreign Service Initiative.

These programs are made possible in large part because of  partners and investors during the WOLCF annual fundraiser, Dancing with the Scholars.

Dancing with the Scholars

Patterned after the hit TV series “Dancing with the Stars,” the WOLCF’s “Dancing with the Scholars” is its annual fundraiser to support and provide scholars with educational and financial resources. 

Three students from Wards 7 and 8 high schools compete for prizes.  Each performs dance routines with elected members of the State Board of Education. The dance teams are judged by members of the Council of the District of Columbia.

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Emergency Financial Assistance

This program assists students with educational and related costs during times of emergencies or unexpected financial needs.

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International Ambassadors Program

This program gives students an opportunity to travel abroad and study with native students which allows them to develop, understand and appreciate other cultures.


Scholarship Program

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US Foreign Service Initiative

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Our Programs

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