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International Ambassadors Program

The goal of the International Ambassadors Program (IAP) is to give students in Wards 7 & 8 an opportunity to develop an understanding and appreciation of international travel, art, and culture.

Each of the Lockridge Ambassadors return to Washington, D.C. with not only an appreciation of African history, art, and culture, but also a desire to return to the continent to explore more about their heritage.

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Benin, Africa

In July 2022, five Lockridge Student Ambassadors traveled to Benin, Africa. A primary focus is visiting countries that played a significant role in history with the African slave trade to America. In the future, however, travel may be expanded to include Central and South America as well.

Among the Ambassadors' many adventures was a visit to a music studio where the Ambassadors created a song with local students, entitled Jetsetting to Benin.  Listen below.

Jetsetting to Benin copyArtist Name
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